Aeroflex Test Solutions
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Example Configurations

The table below illustrates how PXI 3000 series modules and options may be used as essential building blocks in RF Test system development.

*When used in conjunction with a 3060 Series RF Combiner a Chassis with more than 8 available slots is required.
All PXI VSA/VSG configurations must include one 3010 and one 3011 RF Synthesizer.

Add 3020 options 100 & 102 to enable modulation using waveforms designed in IQCreator®. IQCreator® does not support waveform generation files suitable for receiver sensitivity testing.
Specimen downlink waveforms for performing receiver sensitivity measurement are supplied with the 3030 Measurement Suite option. Specimen waveforms do not requite option 100, 102 in order to play.
Contact Aeroflex support for waveforms suitable for use when performing Rx sensitivity testing.
Preferred configuration for Handset testing
Preferred configuration for RFIC testing
Recommended full-duplex interface

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