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Synthetic Model 5000 Synthetic Multi-function Adaptable Reconfigurable Test Environment

The SMART^E 5000™ test environment provides a modular approach for implementing multi- function configurable (and reconfigurable) test systems. A SMART^E™ RF sub-system, at about the size of a microwave synthesizer, can perform measurements that require five or more separate RF/microwave instruments. SMART^E™ is a complete integrated environment of all the hardware and software needed for calibration, test execution, test reporting and test analysis.

  • Complete synthetic test environment
    • Hardware, software, processes, support
  • Configurable to the application
    • Optimize via multi-vendor COTS modules
  • Proven systems deployment
    • Satellite payload, TR modules, Mil ATE
  • Mixed signal capabilities
    • DC, digital, analog, RF/microwave
  • System level architecture
    • Calibration, verification, alignment
  • Open system architecture
    • System hardware and software, TPS

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