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This product has been discontinued.

The 3500A is the industry's first 1GHz hand-held radio test set. At less than 8 lbs., and packaged in a cast magnesium alloy case, the Aeroflex 3500A is truly a rugged and portable radio test set.

3500A Features

  • 2 MHz - 1 GHz operation
  • AM/FM tranceiver tests
  • P25, NXDN™, and DMR Digital test options
  • Spectrum Analyzer with < -136 dBm noise floor
  • Audio Frequency Oscilloscope
  • Antenna/Cable tests
  • Weight less than 8 lbs.
  • 5 hour battery life with continuous use
  • -20° to +55° C operating temperature range
  • Rugged construction (specifications for humidity, altitude, shock, and vibration, MIL RF 28800F Class II Certified)

Download the latest software today!

This firmware is compatible with the 3500A only. See release notes for more information.

The new version of firmware has several new enhancements and bug fixes. 3500A Release Notes

A Radio Test Set that can be used anywhere
Featuring full radio test set features, with up to 7 hours of battery life, the Aeroflex 3500A is ready to be used anywhere. The 3500A is perfect for testing AM, FM and the latest digital radio transceivers, whether on a bench, installed in a vehicle, or in some remote location. With options for testing P25, DMR and NXDN™, it now has the capability to test the newest narrowband digital radios. It also has the power to test the cables and antennas, making it the only hand-held radio test set that can test all the components of an installed radio system.

Capabilities Include
  • AM and FM Modulation meter
  • P25/DMR/NXDN™ Modulation Tests
  • Accurate RSSI measurement
  • Measuring high power (20 watts without an external attenuator, up to 150 watts with an external attenuator)
  • AF Generator and Modulator
  • P25/DMR/NXDN™ Modulator
  • DCS Generator
  • RF Frequency Error meter
  • SINAD and Distortion measurement
  • Audio Frequency Counter
  • Distance To Fault (DTF) measurement
  • VSWR and Return Loss measurement
  • Cable Loss measurement
  • DTMF Encode / Decode
  • Frequency Find
  • Screen Hold and Save
  • Audio Level Meter

Download the latest data sheet on the 3500A.

P25 Testing Option
Testing P25 mobiles, portables, and base stations is now possible with the P25 testing option. Whether you need to make modulation measurements on the transmitter, or determine the sensitivity of the receiver, you can perform the task. The key RF measurements made possible by this option include modulation fidelity, deviation, and BER. The 3500A can also generate the standard 1011 pattern, calibration pattern and the O.153 (V.52) pattern, enabling you to do the sensitivity tests required on P25 radios. The P25 test option even includes the capability to generate the 1011 pattern with a user define NAC and decode the NAC in the signal received from a P25 radio.

NXDN™ Testing Option
New to the latest release of software for the 3500A is the NXDN testing option. This option enables transmitter and receiver testing of NXDN portable, mobiles and repeaters. Key to testing an NXDN radio is measuring the modulation fidelity parameters, FSK error, symbol deviation and frequency error. The measurement of these parameters, along with the RF power, helps verify the proper alignment of an NXDN radio. Also included with the NXDN test option is the capability to help determine the receiver sensitivity, by generating the O.153 random data pattern. Other transmit patterns available are the 1031 Hz pattern, for audio testing, and the calibration pattern, for verifying the BER measurement capabilities of the radio. In order to facilitate the live testing of NXDN mobiles and base stations, the 3500A can both encode and decode the RAN field.

DMR Testing Option
For DMR mobiles and base stations, the 3500A now performs the key RF measurements you need to quickly verify the correct operation of a DMR transmitter and receiver. The DMR Testing option includes testing for the modulation fidelity parameters, FSK error, magnitude error, symbol deviation, and frequency error. With this option you can also measure the power level in the bursts and also between bursts. Key to testing a mobile station is the 3500A's ability to generate and receive at the same time. This enables the testing of mobiles in duplex mode that require a base repeater signal, which they can synchronize with, before they will transmit. Equally important is the 3500A's capability to control the color code and call ID used in the signal transmitted, so that the mobile stations and base stations can be tested with requiring them to first be placed into a special test mode.

Tracking Generator Option
In order to enable you to tune duplexers and cavity filters, the 3500 Series now includes a tracking generator option. This option, combining the generator of the 3500 with our tuned receiver, provides you with a graph of the insertion loss versus frequency over spans from 10 kHz to 1 GHz.

Spectrum Analyzer Option
With the spectrum analyzer option, users of the 3500A can look at the RF signal from the radio under test or find possible interferers at their base station or repeater site. An effective resolution bandwidth that goes down to 19 Hz, together with a low noise figure enables the 3500 Series to have a noise floor that easily exceeds the specification of < -136 dBm.

Oscilloscope Option
The oscilloscope option allows users of the 3500A the capability to observe the audio signal from the radio being tested or the demodulated audio from the RF signal received. The 3500A oscilloscope includes markers that the user can use to help analyze the audio signal.

Field Test 6 Software from Survey Technologies, Inc.
In addition to the features that are part of a radio test set, the 3500A will also support Survey Technologies Field Test 6 Software. Users of the 3500A series can improve and automate the acquisition, analysis and display of signal strength across a given terrain, as well as inside buildings. Field Test 6 has expanded the drive-test measurement concept to include indoor measurement and analysis for applications where GPS is not available.

One port measurement of Distance to Fault, VSWR, Return Loss, or Cable loss
The 3500A Radio Test Set can measure and graphically display Distance to Fault, VSWR, return loss and cable loss. The VSWR, return loss, and cable loss are displayed on a graph that shows the respective values of these measurements versus frequency. The Distance to Fault (DTF) is displayed on a graph that shows the return loss versus distance. With these four measurements, a complete analysis can be done on the cabling and antenna of a radio system.

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