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A new, cost-effective RF testing tool for the RF professional who demands more from a communications service monitor. The 2944B Communications Service Monitor is the lightest, most rugged service monitor available with a full performance spectrum analyzer as standard.

Building on the popular 2944 the 2944B is supplied with a transflective color display and also has a tracking generator as standard. Numerous other new features also come with the 2944B such as greater flexibility of baseband and demod filter selection.

For field work the 2944B, with its new internal battery option, provides an excellent combination of instruments for all types of maintenance work. In the workshop, it provides all of the performance you would expect for exacting measurements.

  • Proven performance backed by IFR’s long history of RF test excellence
  • 0.5 ppm TCXO standard
  • Duplex RF output levels down to -141 dBm
  • SSB phase noise better than -95 dBc/Hz
  • Dual-audio generators from 5 Hz to 33 kHz
  • Narrow and broad band power meters
  • Full function audio analysis tools:
    • Audio bar chart
    • Audio voltmeter
    • Audio S/N meter
    • Audio distortion meter
    • Audio frequency meter
  • Rugged lightweight package
  • Full span spectrum analyzer with tracking generator including full offset tracking
  • Accurate power measurements to 150 W
  • 5 W protection on all RF ports standard

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