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Synthetic Test Systems

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Progressive companies in the test and measurement industry are working to meet the challenges of developing an approach that cost effectively meets today's test demands while preserving the investment of test in the future. Synthetic test systems have emerged as the solution of choice for many, and Aeroflex is the industry leader in high speed and high performance RF and microwave test systems based on this approach. Aeroflex provides a highly integrated, turn-key, hybrid synthetic test environment that allows digital, analog, RF/microwave and power test of circuits, modules, subsystem and complete systems for commercial, military, and aerospace customers.

Synthetic Test Environments "synthesize" stimuli and measurement capabilities found in any traditional instrument through a combination of software and hardware modules integrated in a synthetic architecture which includes sophisticated algorithms, calibration and diagnostic routines, as well as NIST traceable standards and an open software architecture. Non traditional measurements can also be easily created by the user. Since this approach is instrument independent this type of synthetic test environment is obsolescence proof and easily maintainable thus offering the highest performance at the lowest life cycle cost in the industry. Modern products such as software defined radios, smart phones and other communication systems are also based on this principle thus making this test approach highly optimized for modern applications. Hybrid synthetic test environments can also emulate legacy/obsolete test instruments and systems thus allowing easy replacement of no longer procurable test equipment without having to re-develop or re-write existing test sequences and test program sets.

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