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Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers

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Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Analyzers for demanding RF Testing Environments - We Have the Solutions

Performance far beyond the price tag. Our range of spectrum and signal analyzers use the latest digital processing and RF technology to deliver accomplished accuracy, stability and speed.

The range covers RF and microwave synthesized spectrum analyzers, scalar analyzers and tracking generators up to 46 GHz. Our products range from hand-held through bench portable to microwave test bench. They target R&D, EMI pre-compliance, manufacturing, installation and service.

Experience the Aeroflex advantage.




3250 Series

  • Accuracy, stability and speed; exceptional value for R&D or production
  • Low DANL and Phase Noise
  • 30 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Automatic Power Measurements
  • Phase Noise Measurement
  • Vector Modulation Analysis
  • Full range of wireless measurement options
  • Pre-compliance EMI Receiver and pre-selection filters options
  • Choice of 3 GHz or 8 GHz tracking generator option
  • DC power input and battery pack option
  • Touch Screen Display and remote control

3251      1 kHz - 3 GHz
3252      1 kHz - 8 GHz
3253      1 kHz - 13.2 GHz
3254      1 kHz - 26.5 GHz




9100 Series

  • Handheld or bench portable rugged and reliable Spectrum Analyzer
  • Scalar Network and Spectrum Analysis
  • Comprehensive feature set in one-button measurements
  • Easy-to-read high visibility screens aid in finding signals
  • Speedy assessment of signal quality with marker and limit templates
  • Tracking generator option
  • VSWR and DTF measurement option for cable and antenna installation and verification

9101      100 kHz - 4 GHz
9102      100 kHz - 4 GHz (optionally 7.5 GHz)
9103      100 kHz - 7.5 GHz




6840A Series

  • Comprehensive Microwave System Analyzers
  • Range of frequencies to
    46 GHz
  • Includes integrated scalar and source
  • Full span tracking generator with offset tracking capability

6840A      1 MHz - 46 GHz

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