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Aeroflex S-Series instrument range leads the industry with 200 MHz bandwidth and
100 ┬Ás level and frequency settling time.

The Aeroflex S-Series is the future and the future is touch. The future is fast and complex and needs an instrument platform to meet your evolving needs. The S-Series has evolved to make complex measurements fast with the simplicity of our unique, totally touch measurement interface.

The S-Series is uniquely scalable with multiple instruments Aerolocked together within a standard 19” format. Build your measurements from our S-Series range of signal generators, signal analyzers and function modules.

The SGA analog signal generator sets the standard for switching speed and noise. That’s fast.

The SGD digital vector signal generator leads the way with the bandwidth required for the latest wireless standards including 802.11ac, LTE-A and beyond with coherent signal generation over multiple sources. That’s smart.

The SVA has the widest bandwidth and is the fastest signal analyzer in its class. Now that’s fast and smart.

Touch the future with the smart Aeroflex S-Series

The S-Series is for general purpose use in any laboratory, or in manufacturing test and service where it’s full range of standard capabilities include generic modulation generation and analysis up to 512 QAM covers many common generation and analysis tasks. A flexible, all-round and cost effective solution.

Pure and flexible ...signal purity and integrity have not been sacrificed in the quest for speed...

The S-Series range includes: SGA - Analog Signal Generator, SGD - Digital Signal Generator and the SVA - Vector Signal Analyzer

S Series Analog Signal Generator Introduction Video

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