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PXI Application Software

PXI Maestro

PXI Maestro, software that accelerates ATE development and lowers manufacturing cost of test.

PXI Maestro extends the PXI 3000 platform to provide a production-ready test system with integrated device under test control and the ability to test multiple devices in parallel.

Learn more about PXI Maestro

PXI Studio

PXI Studio is a Windows-based software for use with all Aeroflex 3000 Series PXI modules. This highly flexible application can provide vector signal generation and vector signal analysis of complex modulated signals. As standard PXI Studio provides a single integrated graphical user interface to all Aeroflex PXI modules and performs spectrum and time domain analysis of sample data for general purpose RF component testing and alignment of radio communications transceivers. Learn more about PXI Studio.

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Measurement Libraries

Aeroflex provides a wide range of wireless communications test capabilities on PXI 3000 at the physical layer through a scalable software architecture consisting of measurement libraries/plug-ins. Any of the optional measurement libraries/plug-ins can be added easily. Each provides a programming user interface (.dll or .NET) for use in automated test systems, and an intuitive graphical user interface for use in the PXI Studio. Software modularity allows for total user control of system configuration and capabilities. A full description and specification for each measurement library is provided in the appropriate sections accessible through the navigation panel. Learn more about our measurement libraries.

PXI Studio
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IQCreator for PXI


IQCreator® is a Windows-based software for arbitrary waveform creation for use with Aeroflex 3000 Series PXI signal generators. IQCreator® enables you to create waveforms that emulate digitally modulated RF and analog baseband I and Q transmission formats. This tool enables a user to set up a modulation scheme including GSM/EDGE, UMTS/HSPA, LTE FDD/TDD, CDMA2000/1xEVDO, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee®, FM and Generic modulations (QPSK, QAM) to then create an ARB (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) file. Graphical displays of the waveform FFT, vector and constellation diagrams, etc. can be viewed and exported for use in other Windows® applications. Learn more about IQcreator.

Application Software Examples

We prepare a wide range of software examples for PXI module control, Fast Sequence Tuning and application specific measurements. Software codes are available in C and .NET in most cases. Learn more about application software examples.

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