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LTE Test

To thoroughly and efficiently test LTE devices requires comprehensive test coverage: RF, baseband and protocol. Aeroflex addresses these challenges with a growing portfolio that puts this capability within reach.

A long track record in LTE testing has provided Aeroflex with an in-depth understanding of the LTE standard, the essential elements that define system performance and the key test requirements that guarantee flawless deployment.

The complete portfolio of LTE test solutions from Aeroflex is aimed at addressing all aspects of LTE test. The portfolio encompasses LTE test solutions ranging from R&D through manufacturing, across the entire LTE equipment supply chain. Aeroflex tests everything from chipsets to end user services including base stations and handsets.

LTE Base Station Tester

TM500 LTE Test Mobile: The TM500 LTE test mobile is designed to address the challenges of 3GPP LTE (3G Long Term Evolution) network infrastructure development test and rollout. The TM500 LTE incorporates test, logging and measurement features at all layers of the protocol.

LTE UE Testers

7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set: The Aeroflex 7100 LTE Digital Radio Test Set provides the tools required during the design, development and test stages of UE chip sets and terminals meeting the LTE Rel-8 and Rel-9 standards. End-to-end performance can be accurately assessed, along with correct idle mode and connected mode behavior with the 7100's Network Simulation mode

LTE UE Service Testers

7310 Lector Software for LTE: Aeroflex’s Lector software provides a unified user interface that drives underlying test instruments such as the 2201, 3100 or 4400 seamlessly with the 7100 for 2G/3G and LTE testing. The Lector software runs test scripts for LTE with the push of a button removing the complexities of mobile device RF testing from the operator.

LTE Parametric test UE and Base Station

3410 Series Digital RF Signal Generator: The 3410 is an agile RF signal generator that combines wide frequency cover and high performance vector modulation in a small package, making it ideal for testing wireless communication systems and components. To meet the demanding requirements for wide bandwidth modulation systems such as 802.11a, WiMAX, LTE or multi-carrier UMTS, all 3410 Series Digital RF Signal Generators now have enhanced EVM performance.

LTE UE Manufacturing Tester PXI

PXI 3000 Series LTE Manufacturing Test Equipment: The PXI 3000 offers LTE device and component manufacturers a proven, fast and flexible solution that addresses the challenges of LTE production testing. Aeroflex designed its LTE manufacturing test solution to leverage the benefits the Aeroflex PXI 3000 has delivered to leading mobile device and chipset manufacturers worldwide.

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