Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions

Aeroflex Microelectronic Solution divisions - Colorado Springs, Gaisler, Metelics, Plainview and RAD provide HiRel standard and custom integrated circuits and circuit card assembly for the aerospace, high-altitude avionics, medical, x-ray cargo scanners, critical transportation systems, nuclear power controls, GPS receivers, networking and telecommunication markets.

RS485 Transceivers


Aeroflex Plainview provides a MIL-STD-1760/1553 +5-volt transceiver. Our new DRS4485 is a Dual RS485 Interface Transceiver.

Note: Aeroflex Plainview’s Radiation Hardness Assurance Plan is DLA Certified to MIL-PRF-38534, Appendix G.

For questions, please call 800-645-8862.

DRS4485 Dual RS-485 Interface Transceiver
  • Total dose > 100 krad(si)
  • Single 5V supply
  • Voltage source output
  • Receiver output Hi for Vin Diff = 0V
  • > 5ns skew between BUS and BUSN complementary outputs
  • Driver maintains high impedance in three-state or with the power off
  • Available to SMD 5962-09226
ACT4453 single supply transceivers for MIL-STD-1553/1760/SAE AS15531
  • Single 5V supply operation
  • Low power dissipation
  • Designed for commercial, industrial and aerospace applications
  • Available to SMD 5962-89522, Class H & K, 100 krad(Si)