Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions

Aeroflex Nanjing China concentrates on research and development, manufacturing, test, quality assurance, related RF devices, components and subsystems. Aeroflex Nanjing stresses innovative solution-minded products.
Our customer-focused approach brings flexibility, creativity and cost-effectiveness to our diverse markets.

Innovative Solution-minded Products

What Aeroflex Nanjing can do for you -- Design to Spec -- Build to Print -- Built to Print with Redesign -- Standard Designs Covering Multiple Frequencies.

Dual-junction drop-in Isolators

Designs covering a variety of frequency bands featuring low insertion loss, excellent isolation and low reverse passive intermodulation

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Single-junction drop-in Isolators

Single-Junction drop-in Isolators feature guaranteed specifications and low cost for high-volume applications.

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Cable Load Assemblies

Cable Load Assemblies feature semi-flexible cables in 0.080 and 0.141 inch diameters.

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