Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions

Aeroflex Motion Control provides complete and integrated motion solutions for space, military, avionics, and strategic industrial customers.

Cable Management Systems

Aeroflex is a designer and manufacturer of precision slip ring assemblies for use in commercial, industrial, and aerospace applications. Choose one of our standard production tooled configurations or let us select from our vast library of slip ring designs for the assembly that will satisfy your special requirement.

Aeroflex slip rings are made in every configuration ranging in size from 0.250 inch diameter capsules to large assemblies with through bores in excess of 36 inches. Our slip rings have been used extensively in pan & tilt cameras, radar platforms, tracked vehicles, rate gyros, down hole equipment, packaging machinery, and in a host of other applications too numerous to list. Slip rings can now be ordered online!

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Slip Ring Assemblies

Aeroflex slip ring assemblies are designed for high reliability applications. The assembies can be customized for specific requirements.

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Brush Block Assemblies

Standard and custom brush and ring assemblies can be supplied by Aeroflex.

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Twist Capsules

Designed for limited angle rotation cable management applications. Twist capsules are customized for number of power and signal lines plus range of motion.

Twist Capsules