Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions

Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high-reliability integrated circuits and packaging, motion control and motors, microwave and RF devices, components and subsystems for the aerospace, defense, fixed broadband, wireless/mobile, and test and measurement markets.

Test & Measurement

Few companies in the microwave and RF industry have the experience and breadth of products offered for the test and measurement instrumentation and manufacturing test markets as Aeroflex. This additional and unique area of component expertise, coupled with Aeroflex Test Solution’s instrumentation products, sets our company apart from suppliers that solely manufacture products for system and infrastructure applications.

Aeroflex’s test and measurement devices and component grade products are used in a broad array of applications. They include diodes used in test instruments for mixing, signal conversion, switching and detection; coaxial components, such as broadband resistive splitters and dividers, fixed attenuators and terminations, dc blocks and adapters used in R&D, quality assurance and manufacturing test; and edge-line, relay switched, GaAs and PIN switched attenuators used in signal generators and test analyzers. In addition, Aeroflex offers standard and custom-designed multi-path / multi-channel, switching, combining, attenuation subsystems used to simulate 3G mobile network performance, and 802.11 networks.