Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions

Aeroflex / Inmet designs and manufactures quality, economically priced, and RoHS compliant attenuators, terminations, adapters, DC blocks, bias tees and other components for commercial, military and lab applications, DC - 65 GHz. Fixed and adjustable gain equalizers operational to 40 GHz are also available for commercial and military applications.

Coaxial Terminations, 0.5 to 300 Watts

Aeroflex / Inmet Coaxial Terminations feature low VSWR characteristics, are available in a variety of connector types and in frequency ranges of DC to 50 GHz.

Product Data Sheet - *.Pdf -Download comparisons of Power Handling vs. Frequency vs. Connector Type.


Low Power Terminations (0.5 - 2W)

Reverse polarity and ultra low cost coaxial terminations available.

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Medium Power Terminations (5 - 50 Watts)

DC to 18 GHz, convection cooled coaxial terminations.

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High Power Terminations (100 - 300 W)

DC to 7.5 GHZ, convection cooled coaxial terminations

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75 Ohm Terminations

BNC,Type F and Type N coaxial terminations DC to 4 GHz.

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Specialty Terminations

DC Blocking (SMA,Type N,SMP) and SMA feedthru coaxial terminations

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