Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions

Aeroflex / Inmet is a solution minded, performance driven, and customer focused global supplier of passive RF and Microwave components to the commercial, military, space, and laboratory test markets. Product solutions include the POWERFILM™ line of surface mount resistive components, coaxial signal conditioning products to 65 GHz, and coaxial test cable assemblies.

Gain Equalizers, High Performance, DC-40 GHz

Aeroflex / Inmet Gain Equalizers offer simple solutions to your system slope problems. Negative, Positive or Parabolic slope units can be built to meet your desired performance parameters in the DC-40 GHz frequency range. Features include: Microwave Journal - Adjustable MM-Wave Gain Equalizers

  • DC to 40 GHz, high performance
  • Broadband or narrowband frequency performance
  • Fine grain tuning capability
  • Standard connectors: SMA, 2.9mm, N, TNC, SMP and 2.4mm
  • Meets MIL-SPEC environmental requirements
  • Tubular and rectangular available depending on slope and frequency requirements

Custom Equalizer Quote Request Standard Equalizer Models Available

40GHz Equalizers, broadband, custom designed equalizers, SMA Gain equalizers are passive microwave components that have an insertion loss characteristic that varies as a function of frequency. Aeroflex/Inmet can supply both standard and custom-designed equalizers to meet the needs of commercial and military customers alike. Aeroflex / Inmet has the engineering staff devoted exclusively to this product line and can supply designs that precisely define a preset loss characteristic (fixed equalizers) or with the ability to be loss-adjusted to custom-fit the particular variable requirements needed to field-tune a system. Each equalizer application has an insertion loss characteristic and package configuration that is unique. Equalizers can be custom made to meet the desired performance parameters and package configurations for each application.

NEGATIVE SLOPE equalizers are typically used for applications to offset the excessive loss of long cable runs at high frequencies. The loss characteristic of the equalizer decreases linearly with frequency.



Gain Equalizers, broadband, custom designed equalizers, SMA
POSITIVE SLOPE equalizers are typically used for applications to offset excessive loss of low frequencies where waveguide transmission characteristics require an equalizer that has increasing attenuation withh frequency.


Gain Equalizers, broadband, custom designed equalizers, SMA
PARABOLIC equalizers are used in applications where a broadband traveling wave tube (TWT) or solid state amplifies (SSA) has maximum gain or near the center of the frequency band. The characteristics of the equalizer require maximum attenuation at mid-band and decreasing attenuation at band edges. Conversely, an inverted parabolic equalizer has decreased attenuation at mid-band and increasing attenuation at band edges.


Gain Equalizers, broadband, custom designed equalizers, SMA
FINE GRAIN equalizers are used to flatten, gain ripple and spikes in a broadband application. The narrow band attenuation is adjustable in the bands where the ripple or spikes occur and flatten the response in these sub bands.



Gain Equalizers, broadband, custom designed equalizers, SMA